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Editing an automap note

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with script yes but you need to know exact coords x,y and with opcode add yes but to remove with opcode spell need to be casted to same position as map marker

I wanted to use it for trap spell, to remove map marker some invisible creature should stay there which will hold exact x,y coords to remove marker opcode.


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But then the minion would occupy that same spot on which the trap lies, and how would anyone set it off? Well, that's the application in my case - traps that are sprung when walked over. Then again, Set Snare sets the note at the thief's location, in global effects, but the trap is set at an Any point within range, a few feet to the side.

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Small bird is not problem, i guess, best not bumpable and immune to wing buffet, theoretically the invisible npc could work like a trap with use of script or opcode #232 to detect range of enemy.

I did little test with Exploding Trap SPCL911, map note did not display after setting trap. When i copied opcode 252 from spell SPCL911B to spell SPCL911 into spell Extended Header map note displayed on the map and also was removed when enemy target triggered trap. If 252 opcode is put  to spell SPCL911 to Spell Header, map note will appear but is not removed when enemy trigger trap)

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I haven't had much luck lately completely taking away minions' personal space, so they could be walked through without a sticking point. I have done this before, but I must be forgetting something now. So, you say, put the notes in global effects? All right, I might try that. My bear traps will take the legs off anyone who walks over them, so there'd better be note. ;D

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