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Fission slimes a source of infinite XP?

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I think fission slimes are only encountered under Durlag's Tower, and not too many of them. But there can easily become lots more, if the party kills them with something other than fire. More and more. And when each one is finished, at last, it is worth 3000 XP. So, have people been exploiting this? Beating up on them, getting them to multiply, then fireballing the room? Because I'm thinking of doing something that might create many more of these slimes in different places, to be killed for that nice XP, but if they are easily exploited ad infinitum, even farmed, that may not be a good idea.

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Well, you can easily "rest" in multiple BG1 areas and have infinite xp...

But on the above, you don't have infinite fireballs, and if the enemy is commanded to follow their opponents outside the tower, they can... and so you can't actually save, rest or any of that other stuff, so it's not exactly infinite xp anyways. You are better off using the console at that point. :D

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