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Extending CLASS.IDS

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I'm adding a new class, one of the monster classes. There is no limit to the number of entries in CLASS.IDS, is there? At least, it should go as high as 415, which is the number I decided to assign to the new class. When CLASS is edited by hand and this entry, 415 FISSION_SLIME, is selected for the monster, there seems to be no problem. But when I used APPEND in the tp2 and then WRITE_BYTE 0x273 415 for fission slimes, I saw an error. Is there some complication to this?

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BYTE 0x273 415

BYTE's value is between 0 and 255(or 0x00 and 0xff). 256 reguires a SHORT. While the 415 is 0x019f, technically the class value is set to be 0x9f with the above command. Aka, 159.

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