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Bug with conversion of the kitlist.2DA

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Following issue noted with VerrSza: He joined, got a level up with weapon prof point and could not select the weapon profs expected. 

A little investigation showed, that the weapon profs available are the one from Bristlelick (installed before). 


After some hassle I noticed the entry in the Kitlist.2da for Proficiencies:


OHTEMPUS      62            

L#GNLKT        62              
L1VERR          63             
ESXABIL          65


Well, I changed  the numbers in a way that they are following each other and everything was fine. 


Bristlelick and BG1 VerrSza have been installed in a 2.5x BG1EE installation. Here everything is fine. The numbers are:


OHTEMPUS      61              
L#GNLKT        62              
L1VERR          63


After an EET installation the numbers of all kits are +1 but not the two of the "new" kits. Seems that is was forgotten or not taken into account to check for these things. I guess the EET adds a new column in the WEAPPROF.2DA and therefore the references of "new" kits got wrong. 


It is obviously a bug of EET and not one of the VerrSza mod. 

EET Version: ~EET/EET.TP2~ #0 #0 // EET core (resource importation): 1.0 RC12

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