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A random fantasy adventure generator

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Before I go from here, I want to leave something behind. I've had this pdf file lying around for a long time. It's for making random fantasy adventures. It gives lovely results! I'm uploading the screenshots of the pages here, the last one larger than the others to make it easier to read, with an example of a rolled-up adventure. But the pages are legible even at this scale. I'm also attaching the pdf file itself at the end. Have fun!

P. S. There is no avoiding a connotation to my vexed thoughts on fantasy role-playing in the neighboring thread, and here one might notice a contradiction. With this generator one can and will roll up items like a Mirror of Doom or a Sword of Stars, and the villains and characters are mostly stock material. Not completely, there is a vein of originality running through these choices, without which the generator would be stillborn. I'm sure that, had Wizards of the Coast decided to publish this kind of aid, theirs would be as blank and bland as the eyes of a zombie. Nonetheless, the question can't be avoided whether I am being hypocritical when I denounce "high fantasy" but embrace the experiences opened here. My answer is that these adventures is much better, more vivacious and true than the Forgotten Realms and other similar fiction, which (with a few rare exceptions) somehow sinks below the stock waterline. The standard elements here are yet not cliche, they are not filler for a void of imagination, between-covers for trademark pulp. They are inspiration for creativity and action.











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Well, if it works, good. But that sounds like an AI-generated Choose Your Own Adventure, and this is a plot maker. There have been random generators of all kinds for fantasy for many years, even for MS-DOS. But here the author of the plot only gets the basics, he has to develop them into a story. That is the best part. The story still needs to be thought up. From the same rolled givens as in these examples it would be possible to spin out an unbearable hack piece in the style of D&D novels or a Michael Moorcock tale. Also it's significant that this is something done by hand and from "paper" (well... a pdf). The results are always better in reverse proportion to computer involvement. Even rolling dice should be done on a table, then every number comes across as different from the others. There is more depth in the end.

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