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How are prebuffs chosen?

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I'm curious about how the buffs cast in advance for arcane and divine casters work. In Tactical difficulty, for example, the spells are elligible if the duration is 3 rounds/level or more. 2 rounds/level or more for Hardcore. And 1 round/level or more for Insane.

But take Mulahey - he's a 7th level cleric and in my installation he has memorized, among others:

* armor or faith: 3 + 1/level rounds

* spiritual hammer: 3 + 1/level rounds

* remove fear: 1 hour, or 50 rounds

So I confront him and...

* tactical: precasts nothing.

* hardcore & insane: precasts spiritual hammer & armor of faith.

Why though? Neither spiritual hammer nor armor of faith meet the "requirements" for tactical/hardcore, and remove fear is ignored in all 3 even with its long duration.

Is my installation broken? Is it because he's not expecting the party so he's a special case? Both approaches to confronting him (directly, or pretending to have been sent by Tazok) yielded the same prebuffs (or lack thereof).

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Also, in line with this, Ctrl Q'ing some enemy mages shows that some have unused spell slots - the guy in the Nashkell carnival threatening to kill the woman had his single fourth level slot empty. Is this intentional?

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