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Ascension updates to v2.0.26!


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Ascension 2.0.18

  • added support for Project Infinity dynamic install order
  • added LabelType = GloballyUnique to support Project Infinity saving mod components
  • significant proofreading of polish translation
  • minor corrections to the source text


The minor corrections to the source text was also applied to Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Spanish. Huge thanks to GoForTheEyes for significant proofreading of polish translation.

@jastey As requested, I'm notifying you about new release.

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Hello! In the Russian version of the mod, the encoding of the ee.tra file is incorrect - it should be 1251, not UTF-8. Because of this, the game has unreadable characters instead of these lines. Please change the encoding, here is the corrected file!


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Hi. I don't know if this is an issue with the Infinity Auto Packager, Github Actions, or something else, but I want to report that the IEMOD package for this release has all regular files with no permissions (not even read permissions, which is very uncommon), so mod installation can't happen without fixing first the file permissions. The ZIP file is fine. This might be an issue on UNIX systems only, but it's still an issue. Let me know if I can help in some way.

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@suy It only happens when you use 'unzip' from commandline. All other extraction method are extracting files with proper rights. I will try to compress .iemod using something different but I don't know if this will fix anything on you end.

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FWIW, it happens with a graphic file manager as well, which is using libarchive, which I assume implements the file format by itself and doesn't use an "unzip" process under the hood. Thanks for the reply.

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forgot to say thanks :P
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Zip archives can store unix permission info. However, not all zip packers support this feature or simply store a dummy record. You can check with "unzip -Z [zip_filename]" (from the command line) whether or which unix permissions are included. The same is true with zip unpackers. Some unpackers ignore permissions stored in the zip and apply default permissions instead.

The standard unix zip/unzip tools for the command line should properly support unix permissions though.

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Good news: this is fixed, the Ascension iemod package was regenerated. I will regenerate iemod packages for all mods that I have access but the other ones will contain this annoying inconvenience until the next mod release or regeneration of the .iemod package.

Thanks for reporting.

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21 hours ago, AL|EN said:

@Austin Hi, the ee.tra encoding should be fixed, please download master branch, test it and report it back.

Thank you! The problem is now solved!)
But there is one more point, which was reported by our testers: the setup.tra file must be without Russian translation, otherwise, when installing, it is a solid unreadable text. Replace it with an English setup.tra file, please (in ANSI encoding).

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  • removed duplicated item name from Sarevok sword description
  • removed unicode characters
  • rename ee.tra to items-ee.tra in order to not fall for tra.bgforge.net 'force UTF8' regex


Download links in the first post.

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