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EET missing Better calls for help


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Sorry if this is a silly question, been away from BG modding for a loooong time. 

I installed EET using the installer, nothing too fancy. One of the components I used was Swordcoast Stratagems. After playing for while, I noticed that enemies were not calling for reinforcements as the "Better calls for help" component describes. This is what I've checked so far:

- The modules list form the EET installer does not have this as a separate component. I've found nothing under that name in the log files (no errors nor installed).

- I tried to run the stratagems installer manually in a copy of my install, it doesn't detect that module and allows to install it.


It looks like that component is completely missing from EET, am I correct? is this intended?


Also, if I install it manually with the stratagems exe installer, will this work properly or will this override a bunch of other mods? I did a test in a copy of my install and it does launch and work, but no idea if something else has stopped working due to doing it his way. Really not looking forward at having to start all over if I want to use this difficulty setting -_-'


Thanks in advance for any pointers.


UPDATE: Arg, I meant to create this in the main EET forum and it doesn't look like I can delete, sorry.

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