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Possible bug with Shar-Teel move component

Guest SBlack

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Guest SBlack

I installed the component to move her to near Nashkel, but I can't start the fight with her. The conversation starts and it tells me to pick someone to fight her. And then nothing

Someone had the same problem here: http://baldursextendedworld.com/Vanilla_Forums/discussion/413/shar-teel-encounter-in-bg1#latest

It was mentioned that the mod might not have moved the fight script to the area. Not sure if that's the case or still broken. I un-installed the component, but she is still there. I assume because I first loaded the area with her there. And the only save before that would be to restart the whole chapter, which I don't really want to do. Is there some way to fix/reset this?

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Guest SBlack

Ok, I used the console command mentioned there. That bypassed the whole fight and let me recruit her. 

But it's still worth checking if this error comes from the Tweaks mod :)

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