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Morrowind vs. Dota 2

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Look at the screens and remember one, then the other. Consider that genre on the label doesn't matter, what matters is what people play. Consider that they played such games as the former once and play such as the latter now. Draw some conclusions for the future of storytelling and imagination in general, for modding and its scope in particular. Proceed to shoot yourself in the head.

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...then consider that the prior generation said the very same things about you.  Try to catch pieces of your brain as the force of the sudden perspective explodes your head.

Face it, these things peaked with Kid Icarus  Pitfall.

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BG2, Morrowind and Dota 2 are perhaps my three favourite games 😆

But I don't think it's the best comparison. Dota 2 is a competitive and addictive multiplayer game with huge prize money. It's to be expected that it will have more mainstream staying power than Morrowind or IE games. Despite that I think games like Morrowind and BG2 are doing fine. The modding scenes are alive, and at least in BG2's case there are modern clones popping up all the time, although none have really done it for me so far. I believe some of them even have some decent mods. Dota 2 also has a decent "modding" scene with custom maps, although Valve could do more to encourage it.

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If you want interesting, non-committee-designed narratives, the AAA gaming industry is probably not where you should be looking at this particular moment, as most of it is currently very focused on trying to extract as much as they can from the consumer while playing it all as safe as humanly possible. It's a good thing I appreciate art styles more than I do strict graphical fidelity (and even have a love of good pixel art), because Indie games and AA games have probably never had a greater plethora of developers doing new or at least interesting variations on old things than right now. Although, I will admit that just due to sheer amount of stuff out there, it can be difficult to find what exactly appeals to you over the tidal waves of stuff that do not.

AAA gaming is currently in a bad spot right now, but I think overall things are in a much better place than they were in, say, the late 2000s/early 2010s.

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8 minutes ago, Bartimaeus said:

If you want interesting, non-committee-designed narratives, the AAA gaming industry is probably not where you should be looking

And of course this very much includes Bethesda. I actually still play Morrowind semi-regularly (though, in the Oblivion engine :blush: ) and while it is pretty dense, a lot of its density comes from packing in fetch quests.  Literally "go collect muck from the edge of a pond, and bring it to me."  You fetch muck.

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And in defense of Bethesda, Bethesda's narratives have pretty much always been trash, not much to do with them changing business or storytelling strategies or anything. ...Actually, that wasn't really much of a defense of Bethesda. Not that I should even talk: I haven't actually personally played a Bethesda game since Fallout 3.

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"Fallout" 3. Can not unplay....


Morrowind has the best lore and story ever, better than PTorment in my opinion. OP is right, today games are mostly crap. Horozon Zero for example - trying too hard to be oh so cute but is just bad, monster design only good thing in Horozon. Death Stranding what a pile of crap I don't even - pretensious bullshit "game". AC Valhalla - just mediocre overall, same scenarios repeated three times, BOOOORING af, uninspiring, Morrowind fetch quests at least has some charm. and on and on

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