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Just recently began exploring all the creative and awesome mods for this game we love and won't let go of and was wonder, is there a mod that allows character colors to show as normal when iron skins or stone skin ect is in use? I know its a minor thing but I really like seeing the colors I chose and the different armors show up on my sprites. :)


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53 minutes ago, lynx said:

Sounds familiar, maybe ToBEx?

Yeah. I also know that SCS offers this, but I made sure and read the readme, and apparently it's only through ToBEx that it's offered, and it specifically notes that the behavior cannot be emulated on EE games. However, someone made an executable patch for the EEs here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1109968/#Comment_1109968

Unsure if it still works on the latest version of the EEs.

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