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RFC: Neutral Charm Spells

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16 hours ago, grodrigues said:

PR is up. Dire charmed not covered because I am not convinced it should be neutral, but we can always revisit it later on. Since implementation is tricky, more pairs of eyes on it would be nice.

Charm Person: It works fine...with the exception of your DVHCHRM.spl still specifying hostile charm.

Charm Person or Animal: Why is there a 324 opcode that allows Command to dispel Charm Person or Animal in SPPR204.spl? Additionally, you are currently copying over sppr204.eff as "sppr204" - i.e. no ".eff", so the spell does not currently function. DVACHRM.spl's charm opcode also still specifies hostile charm, and there are...other weirdities in the .spl with piles of duplicated opcodes, see here:


The only opcode that should have a duplicate is the charm opcode (for animals vs. humanoids).

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@BartimaeusThanks for reviewing. Fixed the lack of neutral charm and the missing ".eff" extension. The duplicated opcodes should be fixed as well (typo in the argument to CLONE_EFFECT). Any other comments, holler in the PR itself please.

As far as the 324 opcode, that is most likely the doings of kreso_eestatSR.tpa. The PR itself does nothing in that regard. The idea is I presume, to block spell if target is under Chaotic Commands.

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Duplicated opcodes issue; cleaning misunderstandings
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2 hours ago, Bartimaeus said:

Why? It's easier to follow discussion on here, especially since I actually get notifications when people reply,

Just to put the discussion along the PR. But I can also just link it here, so no problem, do whatever's more convenient for you.

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