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Core changes between BG2 EE and classic BG?

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I am in the process of working on an updated GTU for the classic BG2 game, using the BG2:EE revision's own GTU as base and reference. I would like to know if someone could point me to a detailed list of major changes between the two games that might affect the game text. For example, difference between classes. 

When comparing the description for the Wizard Slayer class there are substantial differences: the cumulative chance of spell failure for successfully hit target is 10% in the classic and 25% in EE and the magic resistance is reported to be 1% / level in the classic while it is 1% up to level 19 and from level 20 onwards it alternates between 1% and 5%.

Thanks for your help.


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There shouldn't be many, tbh. The wizard slayer one is an example of where the EEs corrected the information--wizard slayers get 25% miscast on hit in classic and have the same wonky MR progression (though it was 1%/level in SoA). The original description is simply wrong. 

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