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Pause on Loot, Inventory - Windows


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Well, I found a Windows build that lets me access the Worldmap while we figure out my issues with Linux.

Playing BGT in the BG1 section and the game does pause while looting or in inventory.  I can't manually pause either while in these screens.  Is there an ini setting or unhardcoded somewhere to set Pause to loot or inventory?  I have pause on dialogue.

Also, would it be possible to recompile the Windows build with all of the latest commits?  The most recent is 7/13.



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1. Pause on loot: no game did this, so I find it hard to believe.

2. Pause on inventory: with bgt you're supposed to be playing in the bg2 engine, which did pause or at least didn't force unpause.

3. Pausing manually: still possible, but via the button, not keyboard

4. There is no autopause setting for either of these, but 2 you could edit away in the python code

5. We're in the process of trying to fix the windows build, it's being a bitch. No new development builds until then.

6. No, not yet, this is a new feature in the ees. Not hard to do, but there are gui implications.

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