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Ascalon's Questpack: Discussion and Bug Report Thread

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Ascalon's Questpack

Author: Ascalon

Current Maintainer: jastey


During the course of the game one is often inspired with smaller or bigger ideas for side-quests or stories that take place parallel to the story of the bhaalspawn. This modification is a collection of my ideas: Several quests or differing dimensions. Some are humorous, others of the tragic kind. There are puzzles and combat challenges. Several require a diplomatic touch. A few are race- and class-specific.
The mod adds quests to both BG1 and BGII. It can be installed dierectly to BG:EE, BGII:EE, EET, BGT, Tutu (w TotSC), and BGII.

Description of Components:

     Baldur's Gate I:

1 A Job Well-Paid
What happens when adventurers are a bit too eager to spend their first big money? Travel to Beregost to find out.

2 A Feast for the Gnolls
It was supposed to be a romantic picnic, but then everything went wrong. Look for Mrs Wellstone in Nashkel and help the poor woman find her son.

3 Jumper
An epic tale of honour, friendship and bunny-rabbits.

4 The Lost Son
All the half-elf Aphriel wanted was to lay down her bow in favour of a simple life. But then everything changed. Meet her in the Cloakwood Lodge area.

5 Of Wolves and Men
Aiwell the mage has barred her doors - from the outside. Find out why near High Hedge.

This component has two options: the first uses the hut near Thalantyr's Abode in HighHedge.
The second option moves the home of the couple into a house in Beregost ("House 9" on Dudleyville's Walkthrough on the southwest boundary of Beregost). This is mainly for compatibility reasons because Glam's NPC Pack uses the hut in High Hedge for something else. Install this component if you want to play both mods together.
Dudleyvilles Walkthrough:

6 The Great Carlini
Once a gnome's scientific curiousity has been stirred there is nothing that can stop him. Not even the spell that once cost the archmage Carlini hist life. Look for Ygnatius in the Friendly Arm Inn (he is hard to miss).

7 A Home for the Gibberlings
What does an artist create when out of ideas? Trouble, lots of trouble, considering what Geraldo the Splendiferous in the central part of Baldur's Gate has been up to recently.

8 Fangirls
True fangirls stay true to their idols, just like Cindy, Mandy and Ashley in the north-western part of Baldur's Gate...

9 The Serpents of Abbathor
A mysterious dwarven kult is recruiting along the Sword Coast and heroes are in great demand! At the moment only te BG 1 part is complete. Loot Mulahey's corpse or travel to the south-west part of Baldur's Gate to get started.

    Baldur's Gate II:

10 A Halfling among the Eyeless
Who will help Mrs Lawner to find her missing son?


Mod Homepage

Discussion Thread at BeamDog's

German Discussion Thread



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Ascalon's Questpack updates to v4.0!

The main changes are that the mod is now splitted into optional components, and new language versions French and Italian!

Thank you to deratiseur, jazira, and tonton-thon for the French version, and Coland for the Italian version!
Russian version was updated by Arkie, thank you!

Also note: the GitHub Link has changed. The mod's new home at GitHub is at https://github.com/Gitjas/Ascalons_Questpack/releases !

Changelog v4.0:

-split mod into optional components.
-"Of Wolves and men" offers second install choice where house ("9" of Dudleyville Walkthrough) in Beregost is used instead of hut in High Hedge for compatibility with Glam's NPC Pack.
-French version added, by deratiseur & jazira (proofreading by tonton-thon)
-Italian translation, by Coland
-Russian version updates by Arkie
-typo corrections by jazira
-changed name of Gnoll "Boss" to "Gnoll Chieftain" to match the ingame names and Aaron's dialogue (English version).
-Aaron will only say that the Gnolls took the ring, not a Gnoll Chieftain to prevent confusion with the existing Gnoll Chieftain near where Dynaheir is held.
-Aaron should really stay at the Old Mill after the PC rested and not return to the Inn.
-Aaron's ring should not contain comments in the description.
-Aaron shouldn't initiate dialogue constantly while being in the pit.
-Inserted unused journal entries for "A Job Well-Paid".
-Journal entry about Emerson's notes should always be set correctly.
-Dwarven artefact should not be accessible inside hidden wand safe before PC has key to it.
-Aphriel should react to dead Perwell's body upon first meeting.
-Aphriel should initiate dialogue only after Perwell called her.
-Perwell shouldn't initiate dialogue constantly while being in the mine.
-Ygnazius should not be at the FAI if quest is finished.
-Cutscenes to receive Werwolf cure from Thalantyr should work if PC is not inside his abode as well.
-Guril berries and Belladonna from original games (BGII/SoD) can also be used for werewolf cure. Also, guril berries from Ascalon's Questpack can be used for tanner quest in BGII.
-use correct area variable in AC4402.baf.
-more item descriptions in EE style by Cahir (English EE version).
-All journal entries should be deleted upon transition to BGII in BGT. Journal entries for BG1 will not be deleted for EET.
-split lines for install only into separate setup-install.tra.
-Added Dynamic Install Order categories and globally unique LABELs to support Project Infinity.
-corrected entry in cpmvars.tpa

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On 6/3/2022 at 12:49 PM, jastey said:

The mod updates to v4.3!


-"The Great Karlini": Ygnatius should spawn at Lions Way if he tells the PC to meet him there.
-Corrected typo in DeathVariable in ACQ13002.BAF


I got v4.3 and Ygnatius isn't spawning at Lions Way after he told Bhaalspawn to meet him there. Is there a way to spawn him with console? I've tried different names and it didn't work. 

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The cre code is "ACQ17001" but he won't have the correct dialogue when you talk to him. You can try, though. Normally, he would spawn at [2470.1537].

Out of curiosity, what is the value of the variable Global("AC_QUEST_spawn_ACQ17001","GLOBAL") in your game?

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Exact. Wrong dialogue. I've tried to import Carlini's book and after that second dialogue Ygnatius just left.

I don't know how to verify the value of that variable as you've asked. I've typed Global('AC_QUEST_spawn_ACQ17001','GLOBAL') in the savegame and it said : [string 'Global('AC_QUEST_spawn_ACQ17001','GLOBAL')']:1: attempt to call global 'Global' (a nil value)

Not sure it will satisfy your curiosity 😛

tyvm for your answer.

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OK, it means the script block indeed didn't run. Version 4.3 didn't fix this incompatibility. It seems you won't be able to close this quest in your current runthrough.

Unless the Karlini you cheated in can be spoken to three times. The third time should be the correct dialogue.

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