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Ascalon's Questpack: Discussion and Bug Report Thread

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Hello, with last version (4.3), during the Serpents of Abbathor quest, the party must save two guys in a tavern in northwest BG. They are already dead, and if I remember right the two foes there should carry a key to a warehouse, but I tried a few times with reload but there is no key left. Is there another way to obtain this key ?

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Guest KnightOfGibberling

I noticed that in the Friendly Arm Inn, when first meeting Ignatius, he says that he has "localized" instead of 'located' the book at Ulster.

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3 hours ago, Guest KnightOfGibberling said:

he says that he has "localized" instead of 'located' the book at Ulster.

To localize is being translated to be a synonym for to locate. At least that's what LEO says.

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Not sure, probably _because_ I am _not_ a native speaker, localize/localization seems odd to me with this meaning (finding the location), for which I'd use "locate" or rather "find" (because basic english).

But I'm a developer, so localization have a specific (jargon-ish) meaning for me anyway.

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