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Making a store/merchant


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Basically, I'm trying to make a new store with my own items.

I already have the items created in nearfinity and the basic dialogues for the new merchant character. I have some very basic knowledge about how to make a joinable companion and how to make new items and add them to a pre-existing store. Problem is, i don't know how to create a new character/store itself.

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Create, or for starters better just copy, one of the STO files whose name you already know. Search for the Nashkel store, for instance. A copied file will have most of the settings already in place. Use NAME2 in the tp2 file to give the shop a name. A store is type 0, but you can display items for sale at an inn, tavern or temple also. "Can buy" and "Can sell" refer to the party. "Store purchases" is about what type of items the store will buy and also what it can identify, if identification is available. Temples don't buy anything from the party, because "Can sell" is off, but they can identify every kind of item, since the categories are there. Identification is limited to the store's Lore value, however. "Sell markup" and "Buy markup," on the other hand, are store-side, which is confusing. The party will want "Sell markup" as low as possible and "Buy markup" as high as possible, but you have to be careful here and do some testing: Charisma and Reputation can lower prices considerably, and if there is not enough of a difference between the two values, the player may be able to buy items for less than their selling price at this very store and get infinite money. The rest of the settings are self-explanatory, except "Storage capacity." I don't know what that does for stores, maybe it's only for containers.

Your merchant's dialogue needs to have a branch that ends with DO ~StartStore("STOfile",LastTalkedToBy)~ EXIT.



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