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Black Wyrm Lair Modding Authors Baronius & Vlad Gave Permission for the Infinity Engine Modding Community to Update & Maintain their Mods

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Greetings, all!

Because I wanted certain BlackWyrmLair mods to be updated (to EET, modern Weidu, etc.), and because someone on Discord challenged me in the case of Vlad, I asked mod authors Baronius and Vlad for permission for the community to update their mods to EET and maintain them, including posting them on GitHub.  Screenshots of permission follow in separate posts due to the upload limit.

For anyone who wanted explicit permission to update these mods, rejoice!

The Baronius message was shorter and more generic.



Vlad was more specific and had 2 messages.  (Post limits prevent me from directly pasting the image in here.)
LINK: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14agBSt9ZeuXvGhjCpagtCep1OYy0dC4C?usp=sharing



EDIT: Text of Baronius Message
Thank you, Endarire, for letting us know about it!

Feel free to update the Drizzt Saga mods or any other Baldur's Gate mods, and upload them to GitHub if needed. http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

Greetings, Baronius! I posted this request on the Drizzt Saga forum but I PM you this now as well!

My family has been planning a massive EET run for over a year now. With k4thos (the author of EET) recently updating EET to support 2.6 and removing support for most mods to be installed directly onto BG1 before EET, now is a wonderful time to update the Drizzt Saga - perhaps for the final time - to remove any lasting bugs and add native EET compatibility to help ensure future generations can also play this mod on their EET games.

Also, GitHub is a free, modern hosting platform for code. It's also seen as a trustworthy and reliable place to host said code and aid in code discoverability. Hosting your mods there would also likely save you hosting costs compared to saving them on a forum depending on how the forum handles things. You can still post links to various places, like this forum. AL|EN of Gibberlings3 made this beginner's guide for GitHub use. I made these beginner GitHub tutorials. May these be of use to you!

Finally, if you want to give other modders formal permission to update your mod (like to fix bugs or translate it) or/and upload it to GitHub, let the community know! The Gibberlings3 Forum is quite active, and is likely the most active place regarding Infinity Engine modding. (G3 also has an active Discord should you prefer to use that.) Many veteran modders are there, and if you ask, you'll likely receive the help you desire.

Text of Vlad Message 1

You have my permission to go. Just please keep all the credits to these mods (see ReadMe and forum boards) and my name "Vlad's Compilation" to all of them. In addition, all the bugs and maintenance related questions should NOT be addressed to me, but to those who are going to make this conversion. If these three requirements are ALWAYS met, you can proceed with what you suggest. The moment I start receiving complaints or proper credits disappear, I'll immediately withdraw my above permission.

Thank you,
Text of Vlad Message 2
In addition to my previous message, keep in mind that the last versions of mods are almost entirely bug free. The issues you may encounter are only the result of incompatibility with other mods you have. You'll need to solve these issues first of all. Second, I have a list of some very minor issues and updates that my friends would like me to introduce including the professional voicing that I'm ready to do with the software I've purchased. I'm planning to do that for a few years already, but I have no time. You may proceed with the conversion and compatibility issue, and I'll send you the update when it will be ready (may take another couple of years though or may not happen at all).
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Why don't you copy and paste the messages and format them in the forum? It's text! It's very hard to read the screenshot, and the dumb Google Drive system that you uploaded to thinks the innocent PNGs can't be previewed, and have to be downloaded as stupid ZIP file. Even attaching to the forum would have worked better. I know that showing a screenshot gives alleged verisimilitude, but everyone today knows how to use the web inspector in their browser to fake any website.

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Anyway, whoever will decide to be a maintainer of Vlad's mods will have a perfect job... like watching out a beautiful, sunny isle for 50k bucks per month. After all, all his mods are bug-free!

Joking aside, I would not mind being able to try Tortured Souls on EE at all.

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17 hours ago, AnnabelleRose said:

So other than Vlad's mods, can we just flush the rest down the toilet?

Now, now - MTS, let's not bring up badblood from the waay misty Past.

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