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Undefined sections in ARE files referenced by offsets

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There are a number of offsets listed in the ARE file that point to undefined sections.  For example, "Offset to CRE structure (for embedded CRE files)" in the ACTORS sections.  

Are these offsets to sections in the ARE file or is it understood that these sections are to be found in other files?  I really hope the latter isn't the case...  Are they defined but under a different name?

List of undefined sections reference by offsets in the ARE file:
    ACTORS => 0x0088 => Offset to CRE structure (for embedded CRE files)
    TILED OBJECTS => 0x002c => Offset to open search squares
    TILED OBJECTS => 0x0038 => Offset to closed search squares
    PROJECTILE TRAPS (BG2) => 0x0008 => Effect block offset

EDIT: Are these only used by save games?

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40 minutes ago, Lauriel said:

EDIT: Are these only used by save games?

Generally yes, technically no.

They are no different from any of the other sections, you can add them to the area file and they will function, there just isn't much reason to do so.

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I see.  So the entire file structure gets embedded into those areas.  Gotcha.  I'd have never guessed that from the docs, to be honest ... well ... obviously since I had to ask. LOL

Thank you all! :)

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