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Wings (BG2:EE Mod)

Please use this thread if you have questions or bug reports for Coutelier's/Skitia's Wings mod!

This modification introduces additional content for Aerie, including banters, new characters in the circus and beyond, a main questline, and a side quest for Minsc. It should be EET compatible, but is not compatible with non-EE versions.

Link to Download at GitHub

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@Skitia  Enjoying the mod's latest update very much so far, but ran into what seems like a bug:


after discovering the gem in the graveyard district (and having it crumble leaving nothing but the note), I returned to Trent to report what happened, but he 'has nothing to say to you'. Seems like a trigger is missing/didn't increment properly, and/or (guessing by the contents of the ominous note X3WLet4) a critical encounter/event hasn't triggered.


The global "X3WINGSQUEST" is at 16, X3WFAIL is 2, and X3WINGSTIMER is 541445


Tried an earlier save and got the gem successfully from the graveyard, fought off the ambush, and returned to Trent (slight delay having to fight off ambushes). Same results, he has nothing to say. Main quest global is the same (16), X3WFAIL is 1 and timer is 540678




Managed to continue the quest by going straight to Crooked Crain; seems like there's missing events as Trent is obviously supposed to disappear but he remains there with nothing to say.
Once party arrived at crooked crane things proceeded smoothly enough (though dialog/RP wise it's a little odd obviously) until the confrontation with Praxis, where 2 oddities took place:

  1. This one's a bit nitpicky, but... since it's rather obvious the party's likely walking into a trap I cast Invisibility 10foot radius so the entire party was invis. The cutscene proceeded as if speaking NPCs could see/sense the arrival of the party, but when combat starts they are completely oblivious. Probably could use a tweak so that at least Laravyl and possibly Praxis both have some means of seeing/detecting invisibility, or better yet (probably more plausible) have their mage cast true sight or have a skilled thief detecting illusions.
  2. CreateCreature("X3WFE",[559.1368],NE) failed to create the creature, as the cre file does not exist. Looking through the folder both in my installation and here in github shows that there is no such cre file. I'm guessing this is the prisoner in the other cell that Trent refers to in his dialogue, since there was no one there.


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