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[Mod | Alpha ] Another fine Hell for SoD/EET

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Another fine Hell for SoD and EET

This mod introduces a new reason why the PC falls at the end of SoD and has to leave town. For this, events after the slayer-dream-sequence are altered accordingly. The mod does not introduce a new catastrophy or frame work, it just uses what is already happening at Dragonspear basement and gives said events a new focus in people's perception of the PC's power and possible posed threat in combination with their divine heritage.
The mod uses as many original lines and situations as possible. Also, the event that leads to the fall in the original game is still in and still plays an important role for the PC to regain the favor of the Dukes of Baldur's Gate. It just isn't the reason the PC has to leave the town any more.
For EET, install the mod directly to your EET game.

Please note: this mod is in alpha and does *not* include any BGII content yet. SoD part is finished.

In a later version, there will be the possibility to finish a quest given by the Dukes of Baldur's Gate to regain redemption - and to help the Sword Coast to get rid of a constant threat from the nine hells.

For more detailed description, please refer to the readme.
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A question:


Does it somehow change Skie's fate? Because if it doesn't, it may be a good idea to include a note how it's going to work with Skie: The Cost. I can see there's nothing in there for BG2EE just yet, just asking because people sometimes ask such questions how these two may work together etc.


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I didn't plan it, but I am willing to do it...
I'll try to send it to you soon.

And I have the same question as Lava about compatibility, the BGEE part seems to fit well with the plot of The Cost of One Girl's Soul.

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The Another fine Hell mod leaves the scene in question intact. The only thing it does is shifting the reactions of the Dukes and the people from the original reason for the fall to what happened before (not trying to spoiler SoD content). @Lava we did talk about it via PM, I asked whether Skie Cost of One Girl's Soul would stress the murder accusations as the main reason for the PC's ban from BG city. Sorry for not updating you with the mod's release and title.


Skie Slayer scene runs unchanged. Also, visit of the Hooded Man is unchanged. But, this is just one more thing that adds to teh hysteria of the people in Baldur's Gate city, there is never a real murder accusation towards the PC because (no murder weapon, PC also unconscious, etcpp.). The whole thing is Irenicus' first experiment and the try to frame the PC so noone would go searching for the hero later.)

In the planned BGII content, I will also add a solution for the soultaker dagger, becauseI like having optionsand I have a different idea what Irenicus was planning with it. But AfH will yield to SCoGS if it's installed with regard to this.

If any of this canges in a way that I think compatibility is threatened (which I do not expect), I will of course contact you again, @Lava.

1 hour ago, JohnBob said:

I didn't plan it, but I am willing to do it...

I don't expect you to! It was only a question.

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jastey! I’m so glad you got around to releasing this and the Boareskyr Bridge mod. I’ll be definitely installing them as part of my next EE playthrough, far into the future though that might be. :)

EDIT: how does this play with the revised ending components from your SoD Tweaks mod?

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