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Cone projectile's AoE size

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I hope this is the right place to ask. Can someone tell me what the actual size of the AoE of a cone projectile (like CSPRAY.PRO) is? NI shows me two values (being the same, 250) for both "Trap size" and "Explosion size" with an angle of 90 degrees. What kind of geometric figure does it produce?

And another question: can someone tell me what the Trap size and Explosion size values indicate in particular? They are often the same but not always (for ex, CONECOLD.PRO has 250 for "Trap size" but 300 for "Explosion size").

I checked IESDP's info about .PRO files and from what I understand the size would be derived by dividing the "Explosion size" by 8.5. Does this mean that CSPRAY.PRO's covers an area that is  ca 29.4 feet long? Or since it is a diameter we should just halve that value?


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From memory: I doubt the trap size matters for cones, that's for things like skull trap (trigger range). The shape is a squished arc sector (projection of a cone) or maybe more clearly, a piece of an ellipse. The length of the arc depends on the direction due to the isometric view.

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