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Crom Faeyr/Hammer of Thunderbolts

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@devSin: it looks like your fixpack tones down the EFF file for this and doesn't make some of the other BD changes--are the BD changes incorrect?


I think I update the icon, correct the damage, and change the usability requirements. What else is there?


I'll have to check, but the EFF shouldn't be changed. I copy it over to HAMM09. Why? Because the description of Crom Faeyr in the description for the Hammer of Thunderbolts is a lot better than what you actually get (it says you get +8 damage and the ability to kill giants and ogres). So I left in the 5 electricity damage (not stated anywhere in the description) that most reputable dealers remove, and add a Damage vs. Type bonus of +3 against giants. And then I add Slay Race: Giant, so that it actually kills ettins (sadly, fire giants, too). No ogres, though.


Oh, and the Rod of Smiting doesn't work. The EFF needs to be an ability effect, not a global effect.

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That's weird. I wonder what's so bad about ranged blunt damage.

I'd say it's pretty simple, actually. Blunt damage is the most powerful physical damage type. As long as every type of ranged effect is piercing (are the throwing axes slashing or piercing? Slashing is less powerful than blunt anyway) you have to settle for (say) half damage when attacking skeletons and skeleton warriors at range.

Where stuff is meant to kill ettins/salamanders/something, suggest adding new races instead of blanket slay effects using the existing ones.

Um, yeah. Making Crom Faeyr automatically kill fire giants=Not A Bugfix.

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Aw, crap. Yeah, I missed that the EFF was being copied to another file. :) You've got it all covered.


There's definitely a conflict between the description of Hammer of Thunderbolts (my emphasis)...


A dwarven smith, Silverblade, forged this hammer and two other items; a girdle of giant strength and gauntlets of ogre power.  His intention was to gift them to his son, who was then a high officer in the dwarven armies, fighting the giant and ogre tribes of the area.  Unfortunately Silverblade's son died just after the completion of the three items and before they could be gifted to him.  In grief Silverblade himself donned the girdle and the gauntlets.  Taking up the Hammer of Thunderbolts he went to battle against the giant folk.  He died valiantly.

Alone, the Hammer of Thunderbolts is a powerful magical weapon but when merged with the gauntlets of ogre power and a girdle of giant strength the hammer is transformed.  This transformation requires magical assistance.  The Hammer of Thunderbolts is then capable of doing an additional +8 damage as well as instantly killing any giant or ogre that it strikes.


...and the description of Crom Faeyr (my emphasis again):


This is the true name that the dwarven weaponsmith, Silverblade, gave to the weapon he intended to create for his son.  Alas, his son died before the weapon was ever completed, but here it stands complete... forged from the combined magic of the original hammer with the Gauntlets of Ogre Power and a Girdle of Frost Giant Strength.  Crom Faeyr gifts its users with all the powers of the original Hammer of Thunderbolts, in addition to enormous strength and the ability to kill golems, ettins and trolls in one blow.


I'm more inclined to believe that the CF description is accurate and that the "bug" is in the Hammer of Thunderbolts description. I'd suggest altering the string for the description.

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