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Watch the pounds...

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If you downloaded the last version of my package, they should all be in Resources/WAV (or somewhere).


All of them are vanilla, with the exception of the SHAEL_*s (I think I explained this elsewhere; there were two sets: one used for strings, and the other as casting sounds -- the casting ones were cropped (although otherwise identical), and the quality sucked, so I just used the string sounds instead).


That said, I think the spells using these (Die!, Pain!, and Stun!, no less) aren't ever actually used in Baldur's Gate II (they're left-overs from the cambion battle in Durlag's Tower). So they don't even need to be included. Also, CHOKE.WAV may only be used in a single item (I never checked dialog.tlk for references), which may not be obtainable in Baldur's Gate II (in which case, I'd say just chuck it).


The rest should all be used somewhere in the game (I think).

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