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Sample Mazzy - Boo Banter


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Here, we see a different side of Mazzy, perhaps an insight into her quest for paladinhood?





Mazzy: Uhm, Boo, could you do me a favor?


Boo: Of coursse ma'am, what iss it you need me to do?


Mazzy: Could you stop staring at me?


Boo: Oh, wass I sstaring? I'm ssorry Mazzy.


Mazzy: It's not your fault Boo, it's just... your eyes. They... remind me of a nightmare I used to have.


Boo: A nightmare ma'am? But you're sso brave, how could you have a nightmare?


Mazzy: Even the brave have bad dreams Boo. And I haven't had the rat-dream in years.


Boo: Rat-dream?


Mazzy: My mother used to say that the rat-queen would steal naughty halfling children and turn them into rats who would come to their old burrows and eat the food. So I used to have a nightmare that rats were watching me with their little black eyes, waiting for their queen to come and take me away.


Boo: But you were a good halfling girl, weren't you ma'am?


Mazzy: Yes I was, but it didn't stop the dream from coming. Anyway, nevermind about that Boo, let's get going.


Mazzy: Oh, why were you staring at me anyway?


Boo: It'ss your hair ma'am.


Mazzy: My hair?


Boo: Yess, I wass thinking how very nicsse it lookss.


Mazzy: Well thank you Boo, that's very sweet of you.


Boo: Yess, I wass thinking about how it lookss sso ssoft and inviting, like a wonderful ssilky nesst, sso warm and comfortable. I wissh we had a nesst jusst like it.


Mazzy: Er... right. Thank you again Boo.

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