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Hunting Herbs for that Perfect Potion


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Hello all of you who still wander by here form time to time and wonder "When on Earth is he going to actually finish this thing? Is he going full George RR Martin or what?"

Sadly, I cannot answer that particular conundrum. Similarly sadly, all the leftover work from 2020 and then some have hit me in 2021, making it an absolutely terrible year for progress on Aklon, and I can only apologise for stretching this thing out yet another year. I have gotten on a little bit, however, and progress on the quests has limped on.

So, for the traditional taster, we have a snippet of that tonight, suitably redacted to avoid giving the game away too much. Whatever you're celebrating, I hope you're all safe and well this year, and 2022 finds us all in a better place!


Essar: Greetings, my <LADYLORD>

Shalil: A pearl to you on this <DAYNIGHT>.

PC: 1. I’m looking for the Company of the Veridian Pearl. 


Shalil: Oh yes, we know the Company. They helped out in an absolutely terrible situation.

Essar: Simply awful! Small time thugs taking advantage of the disarray among the rival guilds.

Shalil: Indeed, kobolds, the lot of them, but kobolds who had us over a barrel.

Essar: Stole our stock and tried to strongarm us into giving them a cut of profits.

Shalil: The Veridian Pearl made them think again, ho-ho!

Essar: But you don’t look like the kind of people who need help from adventurers. You fair look the very model of adventurers yourselves.


PC: 1. I just need to find them. I’m not going to hire them. 

2. They have something that belongs to a friend of mine. I’m trying to get it back.

3. Do you know where they are, or not?



Shalil: Well, I’m sure it’s all a misunderstanding.

Essar: True, they’re capital people, pearls by name and by nature.

Shalil: So I’m sure you can work it all out when you find them.

Essar: As to where they might be, we don’t rightly know-

Shalil: But they did say they’d heard tales told of some gnollish warband lurking near [A Place]. Said they might try and find it.

Essar: I saw them pointing out some areas on a map they had. If you have one, I can show you where.

Shalil: Good luck, my <LADYLORD>, I hope you find them. [End]



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A year is a LONG time. A year plus the time already spent is even longer. What kind of crazy timeframe people here think in? They expect to get their mods done by the time they are 50 or something?

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