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Sample Boo-Haer'Dalis Banter

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Here, Boo and the Bard share a few home truths



Haer’Dalis: I would know, my brave hamster, do your whiskers contribute to your successes in battle?


Boo: Yess, sssirie, they do. I ssence my opponents’ change in directions before he knows it. Not to mention smelling their sweat. That alone moves me to kill them fasster. Especially the magesss, yes, sirrie... Minisstrel, I have a question of my own.


Haer’Dalis: Do ask, valiant hamster.


Boo: Everyone else, you call by a bird’s name, or a beast’s. In short - something other than they are. And I am ssstill a hamsster to you. I feel like I have missed out on something.


Haer’Dalis: That is not intended as a slight, Boo. Rest assured, I have the uttermost respect for your abilities. It is only that as a bard I am accustomed to seeing to the very core of others’ souls, and when I look at you, I see that you can be nobody but a hamster.


Boo: So it’s not because of the tail?


Haer’Dalis: Of course no. Far be it for me... er for *any* tiefling to mock someone for having a tail!


Boo: Why is that?


Haer’Dalis: My brethren always have a deformity of some kind: fangs, horns, hoofs, extra eyes.


Boo: And tailsss?


Haer’Dalis: Yes, and tails.


Boo: You look very normal to me, ssiree. It is difficult to ssee if one has a tail or does not.


Haer’Dalis: I think... I think our raven is stomping <PRO_HERHIS> foot in a show of impatience; we should talk later, brave Boo.

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I think you don't lose much - they are generally untranslatable and v. rude. The most peculiar part of these jokes is that the couple is based off 2 'classical literature' characters. The much less known Rjevskiy originally is the male lead from 'Gussar's Ballade", a vodeville about our own 'girl-dressed-as-a-boy' who fights in the war of 1812 (funnily enough it is in turn based off the memoirs of a real woman who did pull off the dress-as-a-man and fight-in-the-war thinggie, though I doubt she had had just as many romantic adventures as vodeville suggests) and Natasha Rostova is well... that littl' horrible Rostova from that big horrible book they torture us with in 10th grade... :)

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As far as I recall they are generally built on the following principle:


Natasha says something that is innocent, but can be interpreted as double entendre, and Ensign's captain yells "Silence, Ensign Rjevskiy" Which slowly made it's way into regular convos, so if someone managed to say something that could be interpreted as a dirty joke, he or she is often countered by "Silence, Ensign Rjevskiy" (or used to in early 1990th)...


OK, I found some... er... translatable and uhm... not quite so rude:


Ensign Rjevskiy relates his dream to his fellow-gussars:


ER: I am walking along the forest and I see -

"Rostova's ass!" his comrades-at-arm's yell, knowing well enough the Ensign's style


ER: "-and I see a small house, I walk toward it and I see -

"Rostova's ass!" his comrades-at-arm's sigh


ER: "- a door... So I enter this door and I see -"

"Rostova's ass!" his comrades-at-arm's moan


"Well, yes," Ensign looks at them in surprise: "Sirs, had I already told you this particular dream?"

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But we are tieflings too! Being Bhaal's children, you know. I guesses daddy gave us powers, not horns. Dalis too! Gee, I allow him to have two hearts or a snake-tongue, if he wishes, but nothing ugly! :p Do you mean as we see only the face on the portrait, he as well has 4 arms or like that?! He is not a regular half-elf, he is more... much more... hmmmm.... And stop already laughing at poor old noldor, or I'll bite your nose! :p

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