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Sample Boo-Viconia Banter

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As you might expect, Boo and Viconia aren't the best of friends... But is there more to this than meets the eye?



Boo: Exscusse me ma'am.


Viconia: What is it you want, you rat-headed monstrosity.


Boo: Now ma'am, there'ss no call to be abussing me. I just wanted to tell you ssomething.


Viconia: Oh, very well. Now what is it?


Boo: Your pack givess off the mosst wonderful ssmell of sseed bread.


Viconia: What? My pack smells nice? By Shar's wrath, was there any point to this at all?!


Boo: Ssorry, but I think that iss why the rat hass crawled in there.


Viconia: Rat? Ack! Then just say so rivvi... hamster! You are as bad as that rothe you used to scuttle on!


Boo: You're welcome, ma'am.

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