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Sample Boo - Edwin Banter

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Edwin and Boo just don't get along...





Edwin: Eat, eat, eat! Is that all you can do? Your damnable munching sets my teeth on edge, rodent! (and depletes our best biscuits no less!)


Boo: Ssrrry ssrrr-


Edwin: Stop spraying me with crumbs, you graceless, dimwitted, bucktoothed beast! (How am I to maintain my dignity covered in spittle?) Empty your ever-moving jaws before you flap your lips!


Boo: My apologies sir, but I need to keep up my strength if I am to do Minsc and <PRO_LADYLORD> <CHARNAME> proud in battle.


Minsc: Boo speaks the truth suspectly scarlet sorcerer! Now that Boo stands shoulder to shoulder with Minsc in battle, he needs many buiscits, as well as a deep privy!


Edwin: Bah, we stumble from a madhouse and bring a lunatic and his moon-spawned friend with us! Much more of this and I shall need an asylum worse than these two. (Though mayhaps a well-placed lightning bolt will kill two jackanapes with one stone).


Boo: Thank you for the support, sir.


Minsc: Minsc will always support his Boo! The crumbs he leaves will only bring the deservingly evil to face our avenging boots all the quicker!


Boo: Oh dear.

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