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Sample Boo-Edwina Banter

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Absolutely everyone has a go at Edwina....



Boo: It sseemss that you and I are in the ssame boat, ma'a- I mean, ssir.


Edwina: Wonderful, now I gain sympathy from a mewling error of the Art! Keep your gaze off me rodent-man, I know what circles your mind runs in! (Curse those black eyes, how can I tell what he's looking at?)


Boo: But ssir, aren't you an error of magic too?


Edwina: Nonsense, you hairy faced abomination, this is but a temporary side-trip on my path to power, to immortality! (yes, temporary)


Boo: Ssso, it wassn't your intention to become a woman then?


Edwina: Of course not fool! Why would I do such a thing?


Boo: Sso, you did make a misstake?


Edwina: NO! You know nothing of the subtle workings of magic, the forms that must be obeyed to... Bah, why do I waste my time conversing with an over-grown rat!? Begone!

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