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[FAQ] Welcome to GemRB


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Glad to hear that you are drawing more attention to this project by moving to a 'real' modding site :) I must admit, I only discovered GemRB by accident on sourceforge, so let's hope that increased awareness will also yield to increased activity. Maybe you might want to post a small announcement on other forums (FW, PPG) as well?


I guess, I am not the first one that asks this, but if you have it, a sticky here would be nice: Do you have a list of stuff that has already been implemented, is being worked on and especially a list of stuff, that needs to be done and for which you are searching volunteers?

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From what I can tell, many of the benefits will be for mod makers rather than players. There are many things which are hard-coded into the engine which modders would like to be able to play around with, not to mention certain features that we'd love to have added to the game.

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Guest avenger_at_work

Well, first, what is good for a modder, is good for the players (if they want to play new content).

Some of the features we already implemented: custom animations, custom character generation process, scripting actions (and generally any features) from engines could be mixed, this enables bgtutu/icewind gate 2 projects without problem.

It is even possible to create one single major world from all the engines and play them, actually in any style: 2nd ed (bg, iwd), 3rd ed (iwd2) or with a PST character.

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