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[FAQ] Welcome to GemRB


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The implemented features are visible in the other pinned thread.

Right now the avatar graphics is being improved with rendered armour/weapon.


Once that's done we will improve the various palette handling opcodes including palette colour animation (glow etc).


In the near future i plan to implement saving throws. And probably spell casting.

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The cvs is updated daily, i have no idea when will be the next windows release.

I want the next release to contain basic melee combat. (no projectiles, no magic).

Once that's done, and the most glaring bugs are fixed, we'll make a windows binary release.

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Guest Neirfane

WOW! i've been playing these games since 1998, and i still play them a lot. Finding out about GEMRB has really got me excited. I dont' care if i get to play through iwd1 in using the iwd2 3rded rules, or with unhardcoded bg2 goodness like ranger/thieves, and proper monks, or, if we are really lucky psionics! woot!


keep up the good work. you've got a fan here.

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