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Class Problems with Yuan-Ti

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The Yuan-Ti in the game have some very strange class assignments. For example, KPYUAN01.CRE has a class set to OGRE, while KPSHAM01.CRE has its class set to LONG_SWORD. The others have classes that don't make much sense either.


So, how do you all think we should handle this?

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Included in alpha 4.


// yuan-ti class fixes
COPY_EXISTING ~icyuan01.cre~ ~override~
             ~icyuan02.cre~ ~override~
             ~icyuan04.cre~ ~override~
             ~kpyuan01.cre~ ~override~
 WRITE_BYTE 0x273 2 // fighter

// yuan-ti class fixes
COPY_EXISTING ~icyuan03.cre~ ~override~
             ~icyuan05.cre~ ~override~
             ~kpsham01.cre~ ~override~
             ~pbhunt03.cre~ ~override~
             ~pbhunt04.cre~ ~override~
 WRITE_BYTE 0x273 1 // mage

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