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Now Available: Icewind Dale Fixpack Version 8 (now v9)

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The Icewind Dale Fixpack is designed to fix several bugs and errors that remain in the game after the official patches have been applied. Version 8 fixes a nasty bug in non-How games as well as a few other minor fixes. The Fixpack works with or without the expansions Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster installed. In fact, many issues quietly fixed by Heart of Winter or Trials of the Luremaster have been rolled back to every version of the game.

v9 changelog

  • Found a few more HoW-only parameters being applied to non-HoW games, causing crashes
  • The dialogue tree for Contact Other Plane would shift to the question/answer tree for TotLM events when the player started TotLM, but not shift back after TotLM events were completed
  • Fixed the buggy Light Crossbow and High Quality Light Crossbow icons (link is for BG2, but it's the same issue in IWD)
  • Wind of Heaven does not fully protect against Death Fog despite the item's description. Unfortunately there's no way to fix this, so Wind of Heaven's description now mentioned that it only offers 'limited protection' against Death Fog since it only blocks the movement speed decrease

v8 changelog

  • Several HoW-only effects were being applied to non-HoW games, causing crashes
  • Waukeen's Defender was providing AC bonuses vs. missile attacks despite being a small shield
  • Mantle of Hell's Furnace will no longer disappear when the item is out of charges. Also, clarified the text that the charm ability is for fire elementals
  • Reverted a change to Trollslayer that fixed its damage; the damage was actually correct and not in need of a patch
  • Due to a typo, the fix to make berserking effects apply more broadly was being applied to other effects on the item
  • The fix to correct the Vocalize spell description was patching the wrong string
  • Several non-dungeon areas had the dungeon flag removed, however, this also removed the ability to rest in these areas. As such, the change has been rolled back.
  • GTU alters the 'Drink Potion' button to read 'Use Potion' to better reflect using items like the Oil of Second Chances
  • The Protection from Petrification scroll was not being patched due to a typo, though the scroll is unused regardless
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v9 release
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Guest Bug Report


It's quite unfortunate I couldn't encounter this before v8 released but it seems there are still HoW opcodes used in base IWD. My game crashes when the skeleton mage in Kresselack's tomb casts Stinking Cloud. If I remove Effect 206 with Near Infinity, it doesn't crash anymore. Maybe it's another problem but that's what I found. Also duration of the two effects 206 in this case seems variable, one is set to 1, the other to 0. Adjusting both to the same value still causes the game to crash, only removing the effect solves the problem here.

Hope it helps.

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206s are used all over the place, so it's not the opcode by itself. I'm pretty sure it's which specific creature class is being excluded--I can see 206s in oIWD with types up to 32, but Fixpack also excludes non-breathing creatures (48) from Stinking Cloud. I'll take a closer look.

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And confirmed--the exclusion for non-breathing creatures on the spell was causing the crash and is fixed for the next version in this commit. Non-breathing (Stinking Cloud et al), alignment-based (Mace of Weal and Woe), unnatural creatures (Decastave), and deafness (Command et al) are all HoW exclusion categories.

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Apologies if this has already been pointed out.
Wind of Heaven (TotL Scimitar) is not providing immunity to Deathfog, despite it's description specifically saying it should.

Great work on all the other fixes, it's really made coming back to play the game much more enjoyable. 


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Huh, odd. I noticed it when I cast Death Fog around myself for a particularly nasty fight (it obviously didn't work as expected).
Would that suggest there is a bug with the player version of the spell? 

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Yeah, I spoke too soon. I may not be able to fix this fully.

Wind of Heaven has an explicit block on Death Fog (spwi605) via opcode 206 which, until now, I've never seen a 206 fail. Death Fog, though, does most of its work through a hardcoded projectile--if you look at Death Fog with an editor, it only has one effect, the movement speed decrease (which is blocked by WoH) and the rest (damage, str/dex penalties) are done by the projectile.

So first thought was to use the opcode that blocks projectiles, but that also doesn't work, and neither does the 206 alternative. Next idea is to re-use a different cloud projectile and explicitly set the effects in the spell, but oIWD lacks the codes to properly do the escalating acid damage. I'm pondering what else I can try.

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Oof. That sounds like a complicated problem. Is it possible to change the projectile amount / frequency in order to achieve the escalating acid damage? 

I've also noticed I'm unable to get the name of Vexed Armor from the summonable extraplanar spirit, meaning the True Vexed Armor is unobtainable. 

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If you speak to Vexing the first time, he sets Know_Vexing to 1, which is then used as the trigger for asking his true name with Contact Other Plane. When you use COP are you getting the dialogue that starts with "Yes?!  Ask!  Ask!" or another line?

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When using COP  the dialogue I get is "Err.. Uhh.. is this thing on?"

I tried using the spell multiple times to see if the options were different, and I definitely spoke to Vexing before using the spell. 

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Oh I think it's a problem with how I added the spell, rather than an actual bug. I used a save editor to add the spell since it didn't buy it while playing IWD.
Sorry to bother you with it!  

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No, how you got the spell shouldn't affect it. The Cespenar dialogue means you're getting the TotLM questions despite being in HoW. I see the bug that's causing it, and it's an easy fix at least. If you have the console enabled, you can work around this by:



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