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Animations, Tiles and Portraits


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This announcement is for those of you who do not read the WTP forum.


One of the primary goals of the WTP (World Transition Project) is to try and bring the IE modding community closer together. In accordance with this regretfully unorthodox view of modding, We have, and will continue to provide resources for modders.


The WTP home page is located at the following adress.




Through which our community asset page can be reached. This aspect of the WTP has been referred to in the past by several names based on the information being exchanged;


WTP Mapshare program;

Currently consisting of a collection of rather large Diablo 2 "mega-tiles" generated from map segments used within the game.

We are currently working on setting up a collection of BMP map files from each of the infinity engine games, for those that do not have all of them readily available. 

WTP Portrait City;

The largest collection of portraits available. Collected tirelessly by Dragon_lord.

The WTP Item exchange;

We have currently cullected aproximately 1000 images for use in creating item packs, which can be converted to usable BAMs 'en mass for large item packs.


Now that I've completed our advertisement, We have some other projects in the work, and it's time to reach out to the community. We will shortly be looking for maps and tiles that anyone may wish to donate for the enrichment of the community.


Additionally I, personally, am in the process of converting approximately 40 creature animations from other games (currently from Ultima Online, Diablo, and Diablo 2).


The listing of creatures currently being converted can be found at:




If there are additional animations you would like to see converted please let us know. If we do not have the source game at our disposal the raw frames will have to be provided for us.

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