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Hello there!

First, thanks for all the work, moderation, determination, etc. in not only making this engine, but keeping it going for numerous decades. You deserve a very thorough "Thank you! You're amazing!" from the community at large.

I've recently been attempting to install GemRB locally on my x86 Fedora 35 system. I compiled from source, which so far seems successful, but I still haven't been able to get the demo running. I made some progress, but have gotten stuck at a point where I'm not sure how to point the system in the right direction. I've attached my terminal output upon attempting to execute the binary, as well as the .cfg I'm calling.

I'm posting this with my phone, so apologies if format, grammar, etc. are a little off. Appreciate any insight and thanks again.

GemRB.cfg terminal_output

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I see you tried latest git. It works for me now, but there have been hundreds of changes in the past few days, so I suggest you first update to the latest code.

At minimum you'll have to bump the resolution.

I also see a bug in one way to run it, investigating.

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I re-merged and cloned last night before trying it again. This time, I didn't install locally but attempted to run from build, as you may have noticed. Followed the input on your development doc for compilation.

Ran the "-j3" argument with make.

I tried 800x600 at one point, as well as fullscreen. Crashed with same errors iirc.

I'll make sure and update all before I try again tonight. Interested to hear what you think.


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You caught us at a bit unstable time, as there are several regressions and bold changes, but that also means testing is even more welcome (just check the tracker before reporting). Eg. you'll probably see missing text in the demo (#1508).

As far as playtesting efficiency, I'm not sure what you mean, but any game is game.

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