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[Bug report] EE content bugs


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I spotted a little dialogue bug in the Hexxat/Keldorn conflict banter. It has several possible endings - you can send Hexxat away, you can send Keldorn away, or you can let the two of them fight. The "send Keldorn away" version sets the wrong variable in the action that ends it. The relevant excerpt from BKELDOR.D:

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 164 // from: 175.0
  SAY #99452 /* ~You choose this vampire's company over mine? So be it.~ */
  IF ~~ THEN GOTO 165

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 165 // from: 164.0
  SAY #99453 /* ~But know this: The crimes she will doubtless commit are on your head, <CHARNAME>.~ */
  IF ~~ THEN GOTO 166

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 166 // from: 165.0
  SAY #99454 /* ~Farewell.~ */
  IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("OHH_hexxatjoined","LOCALS",0)

Since that's Keldorn, he shouldn't be setting "OHH_hexxatjoined" as a local variable. Setting "KickedOut" to 1 would be more appropriate, as he's going back to the Radiant Heart hall here. Not his usual spot, though - he's in the prelate's room after this.

(The version of this conflict that starts in KELDORJ has the same three possible ends. In its "send Keldorn away" option, it sets "KickedOut" to 1 and puts Keldorn at his usual spot (644, 501) in the Radiant Heart hall.)

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On 4/15/2022 at 2:27 PM, CamDawg said:

While we're on this, there's a minor thing that's always bothered me: in BG, Albert says he's taking Rufie back to the Nine Hells and then turns into a tanarri. Tutu got this correct, where he turns into a cornugon instead.

Gotta bump this, because I just realized... what you did for this is incomplete, Cam. BGEE without SoD lacks the cornugon anim BAMs and WAVs.

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Imoen in BGEE still uses two creature files: she's imoen1.cre in the game file, but npclevel.2da will swap to imoen2.cre if you manage to gain a level before meeting her. All of those imoen2 entries in npclevel should be changed to imoen1 to bring her in line with the other joinables.

h/t to Keneth on Discord for spotting this.

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I also have that in version 3.0 of my tweaks.

// Imoen always joins at level 1 outside Candlekeep
// New in 3.0

		OUTER_SPRINT sname ~Imoen~
		OUTER_SPRINT sname ~Imoen_~
		COUNT_2DA_COLS colcount
		READ_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW rows colcount
		FOR (row = 0; row < rows; ++row) BEGIN
			READ_2DA_ENTRY_FORMER rows row 0 name
			PATCH_IF (~%name%~ STR_EQ ~%sname%~) BEGIN
				FOR (col = 1; col < colcount; ++col) BEGIN
					SET_2DA_ENTRY_LATER ~_#_#_#NPCLEVEL~ row col ~Imoen1~
				SET_2DA_ENTRIES_NOW ~_#_#_#NPCLEVEL~ colcount


(And I didn't put it in the "bug fixes" group. Rasaad and Neera in BG2 do something similar, through scripting - ohr_join.BCS and OH6000.BCS respectively.)

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This is just a minor issue which probably doesn't need a fix, but I'll mention it anyway.

[BG2EE] Issue with erroneously placed transparent pixels in tilesets

Some tilesets were apparently incorrectly converted into the PVRZ format, which erroneously produced transparent pixels.

Affected tilesets:
- AR0204: A020401.PVRZ (very minor)
- AR0300: A030014.PVRZ, A0300N15.PVRZ
- AR0900: A090014.PVRZ, A0900N14.PVRZ
- AR5000: A500006.PVRZ, A500007.PVRZ, A500008.PVRZ

Example (AR0900):




In the game itself these are only really noticeable if you know where to look for them, since they are either overlaid by water animations or black pixels.

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9 hours ago, jmerry said:

In the same vein of extremely minor graphical bugs, wall polygon #281 in Waukeen's Promenade is missing the "cover animations" flag which it should have.


(Link to a picture in which it looks like a kid is on the roof)

EE patch 2.6 has generally issues with wall polygons, which worked correctly in previous patch versions.

You can easily spot them with active visual effects (fire shield, etc.), like this instance in the Pocket Plane:


Patch 2.6:

Patch 2.5:


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Don't know if it's a bug, but when a character is entangled, equipping Spider's Bane or the ring of free action doesn't free him, although the entangle portrait icon is indeed replaced by the free action one.

I always thought free action not only prevents to be hold, but also remove it.

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When you get brought to hell, there is a text where you're told that your companions were brought with you there because they were wounded. It seems to be a left-over from a concept that they didn't add in the end, where companions would follow you only if dead.


Would it be a good idea to actually change these lines?

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