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Manual labor spell-check

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Or just "too many map notes"?
Probably - it's not something I've had any interest in testing further. Areas can still crash from ground item overload and projectile traps excess, so it's not like they're being handled nicely in temporary memory.


The only time I can for sure remember NPCs using a range > 30 was orc archers in Firkragg's dungeon arrowing from well offscreen. The rules are probably not the same for non-party members in either case, and there aren't all that many areas with a line of fire long enough for it to matter.


Another run through to check casting sparklies/school match wouldn't hurt for the ambiguous cases.


It's just the last header of Greater Command that's using inareanp.pro right now - sounds good to me.

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The Level1 Wizard Spell "Shield" protects from Magic Missile. However, it does not protect from the trap version of that spell. (spwi003.spl)

I'm not sure, if this is intended or not. Just stumbled across it and thought I mention it here.

I would agree it should protect here. Anyone else want to weigh in?

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Up to you. I'm not thrilled about it, but it's probably only used in all of two places in the game, so oh well.


I guess it does make sense (piercing resistance or poison immunity or whatever probably protects from stuff like TRAP_ARROW, so why not Shield and TRAP_MAGIC_MISSILE).

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My vote is for it to protect against all the valid forms of Magic Missile. I know that when I coded up some of the immunity items for the Planetars in PnP Celestials I made to sure to go through all the different variations on the spell and check that they were actually versions that could be used on the PC as Magic Missle, and not a spell used in a cutscene (Gorion's magic missle is one such example).

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