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Welcome to the EE Fixpack


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4 hours ago, Enkidu said:

Don't want to start a new thread for such a minor thing, but I've noticed that no time passes between leaving Brynnlaw with Saemon Havarian and getting ambushed by the Githyanki, whereas the narration screen says you get ambushed on the 4th day of the voyage. BG2EE V2.6.6.0 with EET V13.4.


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Something else that always bugged me is that Sarevok, in his various antagonist incarnations, and creatures using his sprite have physical hit sound effects that make it seem like they have no armor; they should sound like they're wearing plate.

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Will there be official (numbered) releases of the fixpack in the future, or will the zipped master repository remain the primary version?

Speaking of the repository, is this already in a usable/playable state for a regular playthrough or is it still too early and/or unstable?


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6 hours ago, cdds said:

Will there be official (numbered) releases of the fixpack in the future,

Yes, definitely.

6 hours ago, cdds said:

Speaking of the repository, is this already in a usable/playable state for a regular playthrough or is it still too early and/or unstable?

Too early...

As a rule of thumb, when downloading from GitHub, always remember to download the latest release if available, as the master branch might contain untested changes.

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Are we supposed to be using this thing yet? Or waiting for an announcement? I'm a bit confused as to the current status, but I am starting to set up an EET game that will likely last on my machine for 6-12 months, so if there are fixes  ready to go I don't want to miss them...


If this is a few months away from a proper release that's fine... I'm just a bit confused about the current status. Put another way, I'm setting up a modded game on iOS, so i could see how this is working on iOS, but I don't know if that would even be helpful yet.

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22 hours ago, mickabouille said:

I expect we'll discover that every mod ever published will need to be adapted to work on the fixpack.

There are changes, and there are changes. Right now, the most systematic, sweeping changes the EEFP makes is how it handles immunities and cures. If a mod doesn't update to the new system, it'll still work! I made a bunch of EEFP-related changes for Item Upgrade and Under-Represented Items, but they would have continued to work just fine without them--some minor bugs like sounds getting through immunities would happen, but those were already happening before. Offhand, I can't think of anything else I maintain that is going to need an update due to EEFP. The problems will always be in places you don't anticipate them, which is why we'll be going through a series of betas first.

As an example, BG2FP made a change to the escape region from the opening dungeon (specifically, the trigger region you clicked to leave the dungeon and go to Waukeen's Promenade). It turns out you could escape early, through the wall from the forge room, due to a distance trigger being too large. Lowering the distance was a good, straightforward fix that alters one character in one line in an area script. However, BGT used this exact line as a match to insert a bunch of BG-BG2 transition code, so it had to update.

So yeah, it's going to cause some issues in unexpected ways, but it's certainly not going to be 'everything has to update' nor am I expecting major issues.

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I'm no modder, sorry if I spoke out of turn.

But in another context, I'm a developer with some experience, i was just expressing some expectation that you won't make a change with that kind of breadth in the *basis* of so many other unrelated works, all of them heterogeneous in programming practice, without some breakage, for completely different reasons, sometimes the most unexpected ones. That's all, nothing more.

(And I say that thinking the fixpack will probably be the best thing since sliced bread, too, even if I won't probably see the effect myself)


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"Subcontracting" to Bondari in Abazigal's lair causes several days to pass but without rest so the party is tired afterward. The location this happens in allows rest so the party should be rested after Bondari returns with the gauth eyestalk.

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