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IESDP Updated

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The IESDP has finally been updated again. Updates include (but are not limitied to):

Action + triggers updates + typo's (inc. SetSaveLocation & MoveToSaveLocation)

BG1 songlist (ie formats -> mus)

Common state.ids shortcuts


Corrected kit.ids

CLUA updates (BG2, IWD2)

Minor updates to .dat files

File formats:

are file updates (actor flags)

cre file updates (PS:T XP fields)

cre file 2.2 added

pro file updates (minor)

sto file updates (quality bits)

vvc file updates (3rd anim sequence)

wfx file updates

wmp file updates (link entry)

There should be another update within a month or so, to add more information and misc updates.


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