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Russian translation for the mod

Guest abalabokhin@gmail.com

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Guest abalabokhin@gmail.com


We made a Russian translation for the mod: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bJD_IOTAnszZ98aue4N7gQP_3fRkkC8r/view

Can you update the mode, please?

Thank you.

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v18 has some new lines in setup.tra that would need translation (they were in the mod before, just not correctly traify-d):


/* lines in p#kiv01.baf */
@108004 = ~Death to the Drow!~
@108005 = ~In Shevarash name!~
@108006 = ~Be damned, Lloth's spawn!~
@108007 = ~For Shevarash!~
@108008 = ~Doomed be the dark ones!~
@108009 = ~Vengeance for our fallen!~


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