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Failed to sign up at shsforums

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I've tried now several times over the last couple of days to sign up at Spellhold Studios without any success.

I used the same user name and email there that I used here but never received any validation email.

Anybody here from Spellhold Studios that could help?


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Yes, hotmail never works there. I fall back to my secondary gmail address, got the validation and then I think I moved the account back to my primary mail and called it a day.

Microsoft is fairly picky with this although I dunno what makes the emails lost. My local server webmin notification mails were also dropped until I moved those to gmail as well.

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Thank's for all replies.


Thank's for your help.

I'm especallly trying to reach out on insomniator on his incredibly awesome mod 'BG2 Improved GUI' but he seems to be only active on Spellhold Studios...

Edit: I now used a gmail adress over there and it worked, finally.

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Hi, I've registered with gmail account, but never received the verification email. "Resend" button in top right corner doesn't help.

Anyone can manually activate my account, please? It's the same username as here.

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Guest Yosh

Hi everyone,

I tried to register at SHS, but never received the verification email. I tried the resend button and also tried using a different e-mail-address, but I never recieve any verification.

My username is the same as listed here. If someone could help, that would be very much appreciated. 

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