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Authorization on translation

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Guest Grandcaster

Hi, I am slowly trying to make a personal simplified Chinese translation of this pack, only finished Sand's flirtation part so far and processing really slowly... just wonder will I be authorized to do so and/or possibly post it here and link it to other Chinese formes (with proper acknowledgements and everything of course) after I'm done? Might take years since I'm slow, but looks highly unlikely that others would jump out and finish this before me lol.

Yes I know it's 2022 (and I'm still waiting for NWN3). Yes I know there's no official Chinese in this game on GoG (there is a unofficial translation patch though). Just like this mod so much and thought if I can play it in my first language that would be HUGE.

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Thank you so much for the reply.

I... might have been blind, but just noticed that there's a github link on the main page. I hope it's not inappropriate I decided to folk it and put all my editions there? looks like the fourm only allows uploading of 1000kb files in total. 

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