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Enhanced Powergaming Scripts v7.3

Guest morpheus562

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Guest morpheus562

Official release for version 7.3 which brings the following enhancements:

  • All Games
    • Added compatibility with the Turn Undead Overhaul component of my Skills and Abilities mod.
    • Added MiH Item Pack
    • Corrected bug with Simulacrum not assigning the correct script.
    • Will auto-equip a ranged weapon once Melf's Meteors runs out. If no ranged weapon available, it will equip the most damaging melee weapon instead.
    • Updated casting spells to detect invisible/illusioned enemies to reduce duplicative and overcasting.
    • Updated casting spells and item use to remove poisons to prevent overrusing.

Project Page
Forum at G3
Readme: English

Readme: French
Download at G3
Download directly at GitHub

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