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At first I was going to complain that it doesn't use the same colour scheme as the forum, but then I realized that I'm not using the default forum skin (I got used to a green forum while you used the old software. And it helps me see if I'm logged in or not...).


Anyway, it looks nice, and it's functional and easy to navigate, so I guess there's not a lot to add. :D

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I agree. Definately worth it to avoid confusing people who don't visit the forums much. Unless you want them to come in.....



Another visitor.... Stay a while.... STAY FOREVER! :D



But a good website. Simple, elegant, blue.

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I'd recommend splitting the mods on the main page into finished and in progress.  It makes it clearer and avoids the enevitable question: "Where's the download link for X mod?" , that isn't done yet.

Good idea; it's been changed.


Another visitor.... Stay a while.... STAY FOREVER!


My second favorite game for the C64, behind only Mail Order Monsters. :D

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