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Blinking armour when firesword is wielding.


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I observe quite weird phenomenon when PC is  wielding a sword of flame +1, thoug one condition must be met - you have to equip your character with whatever piece of armour you have.

1. C:CreateCreature("korgan8")

2. C:CreateItem("sw1h53")

3. Join Korgan and unequip his chainmail.

4. Give Sword of Flame +1 to Korgan

At that moment, nothing unusual happened. His sprite looks normal.

4. Equip his chainmail.

Look at his sprite, his armour started blinking.

If you give Sword of Flame to Imoen, her chest will started blinking, even if she is not wearing any armour at all.


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Well spotted, and fixed. Sword of Flame is applying a small color pulse effect to the wrong spot--looks like it's supposed to be targeting area 20 (weapon grip) not armor (5). Angurvadal (base and upgraded) has the same issue.

The Staff of the Woodlands also changes armor colors, but it's supposed to simulate Barkskin when equipped. Xei Win Toh's undroppable weapon (sharswd) does as well, but it looks intentional since it sets a bunch of glows and colors everywhere. BG is clear, but the Breath of Auril also sets armor colors in IWD--this also appears intentional, as it's a cursed item and sets the entire player animation more or less blue.

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