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Issues with Level One NPCs on BGEE+SoD and Alter Weapon Proficiency System from TA.

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Thanks for making this great mod! I like it more than NPC EE, because everything is done ahead of time, and I don't have to break the suspension of disbelief to tweak the companions in game like NPC EE does. However, I noticed two issues (while playing on a modded game of BGEE with SoD installed):

1: All the NPCs I modified lost their weapons. Could this be because of the Alter Weapon Proficiency System from TA? I reverted the Weapon Proficiency System to the BG1 style, and none of the modified companions had any weapons to speak of. Is there an option to not touch their equipment?

2: I had enabled the following option:

Joinable NPCs more closely match the player character's experience -> On initial joining and rejoining: v3

However, it only does seem to do so when the NPCs initially join the party, and not when I kick them out and reinvite them again at a later time.

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For ee games Subtledoctor mod is better option than Lvl1NPC in my opinion. NPC EE works well even with new Skills and Abilities mod. I noticed only two errors with NPC EE in my current run: 

1) If Jaheira became ranger/cleric: no ** in two weapons, no racial enemy and (if that mod is installed) no animal companion.

2) If Viconia became fighter/cleric/thief: bugged hitpoints


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