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Jarl adventure pack for EE

Guest Morgoth

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Guest Morgoth

Wondering if the Jarl Adventure pack will ever be released for the enhanced edition of Baldur's gate.

Given that it touches stuff that also other mods touches, it would also be cool if it were to be made modular (such as the fetch quest being in a separate component). 

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Unfortunately, the situation is a bit complicated.

@Weigo worked on transferring JAP to EE and break it up in components while doing so. This is in a status where the breakup is done but a lot of debugging and revising would be needed, because the original JAP is not exactly scripted in a way that makes breaking the different content into separate components a trivial task and there are notable differences between BGT and the EEs.

Then about ~1 year back Jarl made an appearance in the forums, stating that he is on revising and updating the mod himself. Then he disappeared again.

Since he didn't state his opinion on weigo's (and mine) efforts, we do not know how to proceed with the mod. For the current circumstances, my motivation to put more work into the existing version or in weigo's rework is at 0%.

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Guest Morgoth

Well, reading both your posts left me a little sad.

Almost 5 years have passed from that topic and it seems that EE will never experience Jarl's mod. Tough, but understandable.

Thanks for the reply to both of you.

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What is the statute of limitations for mods before others are allowed to work on them?  I wasn't sure how long Jarl has been silent on the relevant forums after saying he was updating his stuff, but I've encountered many who say they will do something but treated it as an idea and not a definite thing, meaning what they claimed they never finished.

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There is no definite answer to that I'm afraid. It also depends on the usual activity pattern of the person in question. I don't think anyone would assume they could take over k4thos' or CamDawg's mods if they are absent for over a year, for example.

The thing is that Jarl also posted at some point that he gave maintanance permision to Kerzenburgforum. But like I said, the last time he was active he stated he is working on it himself, so that is the last (and valid) statement.

It's also a question whether the Kerzenburg team feels like investing time if it's blowing hot and cold like this. I, as an example, do not feel like investing time if I don't know whether I can make it public. So my full todo list comes as a blessing because I'll just wait and see. I'll might pick up the mod at some point, if Jarl doesn't return.

And no, this mod is not "abandoned" nor waiting to be adopted - just making it clear.

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It's a real shame - I do think this was one of the most ambitious story mods for Baldur's Gate City. But I've tried to look into the code myself and it truly is a singularly arcane maze. It's good to hear Jarl resurfaced though, after all - if you are in contact with him, Jastey, maybe you could ask him whether he is still planning on updating this mod at some point in the future?

I suppose in the meantime all we can do is...


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I'm trying to gather some information about Jarl's Adventure Pack. I have downloaded the latest (0.9) version from Jastey's github repository and I was glad to notice that the installation is broken down into single components there, as opposed to version 0.8 which I downloaded earlier elsewhere.

I would like to know which components are recommended, since there are so many and I have become quite selective about the quality of restorations and new quests.


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1 hour ago, Salk said:

I have downloaded the latest (0.9) version from Jastey's github repository

Hello, I have no informations about what components are recommended (although Imoen_candlekeep has a some funny little thing) but there is a more advanced version with a bit of polishing here !

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Thanks for the heads up, JohnBob.

I have been taking a look at some code snippets myself for content that seemed interesting and reviewing the English translation for the Gervisse/Voltine content, making a few changes. That component sounds like an interesting one.

I hope more people may chime in with recommendations.


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@Salk (and @JohnBob )

The repo at my GitHub is a fork from @Weigo 's attempt to separate the mod into components. It's not tested and still buggy. I can't recommend to use it.

The repo @JohnBob linked to is either unknown to me or I forget I was informed that someone is working on updating weigo's version.


The whole situation about the mod is unsatisfying to say the least, I can only repeat myself that all work on it was set on hold from weigo's and my side after Jarl popped up in teh forums, stating that he will work on an EE version himself.

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So I've played about with jastey's fork a bit. Certainly some of the elements work fine. The ones I would *not* install currently are Arkhstuff, Aldeth and the Husam storyline, as all of these broke my game at one point or another. The secret door in Arkhstuff just CTD so you can't get into the Iron Throne, and with Husam a lot of the NPCs have messed up names and dialogues, but most importantly, at the end of the mod when you go into the basement to let the Shadow Thieves into the Ducal Palace, it CTD as well. It's a shame because I would have liked there to be some synergy between that storyline and jastey's Husam NPC for SoD, hopefully we will get there.

I also refrained from installing the dialogue/animation fixes after my first attempt, I recall they did not go over well. (My first test just installed everything blindly, even though some of the weidu prompts were in German).

An interesting (undocumented?) bit of the pack is that you can outright kill Sarevok in the Ducal Palace before his pet mage spirits him away (though I needed godbows to do it). Happily, the game continues on fine as normal from there even with other mods installed like Endless BG1, and you can progress to SoD or SoA (all of my tests were in EET, with JAP installed onto BG1 first and adding an extra line to EET's compatibility.tbl file).

On my current run I intend to test the Ramazith and Hulrik bits of JAP so will update then.

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I apologize in case I sounded as if I don't approve of volunteers to debug the version weigo's created. I apparently already ignored PRs - it's mainly because the mod flies under my radar (literally, I didn't "watch" the repo.)

Thanks for your work.

Post here if you file bugfixes.

I'll try to take a look when I'll find the time, but it's really not a high priority for me because of the circumstances.

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