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baldursgatemods.com gone?

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I hadn't heard from him before this happened either.  I hope he's ok .  If the site stays down, however, I'll have to figure out what to do. I have a mod hosted there that no one else will host.

Appreciate the replies and the downloads link.

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Well, it's very true. because the creator of the mod made him a wraith. I took over the mod many years ago and no one  but Solaufien would host it because he is a wraith. It's been too many years and I respect their decision.


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Mmm. Not complaining or anything (btw I liked Neh'taniel and found a few VERY minor bugs in v7.0 if you're interested) but this just pique my curiosity:

Just for historical knowledge, why being a wraith was a problem? I mean, I can see (maybe) the problem regarding missing consent of the author or things like that, but it being a specific kind of creature sound odds as a reason to not host it, unless it could be offensive for someone or... I don't know, but I am really curious.
Anyway sorry for the OT.

I noticed the site was down too, but since it was not the first time it went down, I thought it was just a temporary thing (hosting, domain renewal or similar). I hope they're fine. 

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I am  hoping Solaufien just forgot again and he's ok.  If it wasn't for him and Berelinde, I would have quit modding before I started.  And, I really don't remember what all was said as it was a long time ago but the fact that he is a wraith and the talking sword was why he was rejected for hosting. I did remove the sword right after that but due to a large amount of people wanting it put back in and because there is crossmod content with hubblepot -I think- I put it back in but cleaned up the dialogue.  I am very glad you like Neh't he is the best mod I ever wrote and I'm very proud of the way the mod turned out.  I am indeed interested in the bugs but, Neh't no longer has a forum so if you could message them to me it would be great.  Well, if the site comes back up he does.... we'll see what happens. 

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What about putting the files on GitHub?  Spellhold Studios (SHSForum.net)?

This is the first I've heard about an anti-wraith policy for NPCs!  Hexxat (from BG2EE) and Will (from the mod Will of the Wisps) are Undead, but corporeal.

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SHS denied too. And Neh't isn't corporeal ... not at first. I could use  GitHub I suppose, just not on the G3 or anything.  As upsetting as it is, cause I feel like people don't know about him,  it's fine. My son is going to help me setup a forum/hosting site  for Neh't.  I will always have a special place in my heart for Solaufein.  If it wasn't for him and Berelinde, I would have given up before I started and would have never made any mods.  It is what it is,  all of this happened over 10 years ago and I  respect the decisions made to reject hosting him.  Neh'taniel is the best mod I ever wrote and I'm very proud of how he turned out. 

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