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Balanced BG1 NPC attributes, Dudleyfix for BG1 NPCs components and fixes for bg2 npcs

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1. What does Balanced BG1 NPC attributes do? The original discussion thread containing info regarding the topic is dead. 

2. Dudleyfix for BG1 NPCs components- If I read it correctly, does it change Edwin to a normal conjurer without  1 extra spells per level that comes with his amulet? Also is it still recommended to use this component as we have bg2fixpack?and i understand that bgee already incorporates the fixes?

3.Does this mod also fix the following things with NPCs in oBG2 mentioned here?



His starting pick pocket has been improved compared to the original game.


Imoen has had her thieving abilities improved compared to the original game. She should now have the correct amount of thieving skills considering her thief level."



If not, how do I fix those bugs?

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